Bache-Gabrielsen VSOP Triple Cask

An altogether longer ageing process than the established 4 year rule for a VSOP, allied to a third spell in 350 and 400 litre casks all but highlights the audacious nature of our House. Red barrels are not notorious for brin- ging tannins but rather for allowing a precise micro-oxygenation resulting in a more supple cognac, in this way gaining smoothness and roundness.


Bache-Gabrielsen marks its difference and offers palates a touch of diversity. Its aromatic structure brings out the elegance of Petite Champagne and the fruity aromas of Fins Bois. This smooth blend of carefully selected “eaux-de- vie” reveals aromas of mature wood, vanilla, dried fruits (apricot, almond, date, nut), banana and oriental spices.



Fins Bois, Petite Champagne


100% Ugni Blanc


4 to 5 years minimum in Limousin oak casks