Auguste Dupuys Hors d’Age Decanter

Founded in 1852 by Auguste DUPUY, Maison Dupuy has remained true to its founder’s principles for 6 generations, with each new generation inheriting the ancestral passion for Cognac and taste for adventure which has seen Dupuy Cognacs rise to global prominence.

Nowadays Maison Dupuy serves as a remarkable example of what a business can achieve when it successfully balances respect for tradition with an unflinching commitment to evolution. Respect for tradition informs the way Auguste Dupuy produce its Cognacs, nurturing them throughout the long maturing process, while evolution means that they are always keenly aware of the need for Cognac to remain a resolutely modern luxury, a nectar that continues to inspire and enchant. Acquired by the Bache-Gabrielsen family in 1905, Maison Dupuy still owes its solid foundations to the hard work and personal charisma of Auguste Dupuy, a true character.


Creating a great Cognac is a near-miraculous succession of intricate processes and expert judgements refined over the course of several centuries.

The know-how of the winegrowers, who work constantly to complement or counteract the work of nature and the terroir to produce the finest possible grapes; the expertise of the distillers, tinkering with their traditional copper stills to achieve the perfect concentration of aromas; the age-old skills of the coopers, who hand-craft from ancient oak the barrels which they use to mature their Cognacs; and finally the immense talent of the Cellar Master, who dotes lovingly over his eaux-de-vie as they spend decades evolving and maturing in the calm of our cellars, allowing those distinctive flavors and aromas to develop.

The eaux-de-vie eventually reveal an incredibly broad palette of floral, fruity and spicy aromas, which the Cellar Master will blend and compose to achieve true perfection.


A deep, rich amber, the profound colour of Cognac AUGUSTE is an invitation to meditation.


Delicate hints of wood, iris and jasmine aromas which reflect the large concentration of Grande Champagne, rancio notes reminiscent of the cigar box.


Suave and full-bodied, a palette of flavours ranging from rich, jammy fruit to spicy hints of pepper. Time stands still as this exceptional elixir works its magic.