Dupuy Cognac VSOP

Dupuy VSOP cognac is the perfect example of the balance between the strength of the alcohol and the suave sweetness of the tannins delicately melted during the maturation process in our cellars. Blend of many brandies carefully selected by our cellar master. The fruitiness remains the dominant note (pear, mango, passion fruit) but complex notes of rose petals are also noticeable.

On the nose come the aromas of mature wood, vanilla, dried fruits (apricot, almond, nut, date), banana and oriental spices.
The taste is well balanced between fruit and wood.
The finish gives a nice aromatic structure revealing the elegance of Petite Champagne and the fruity aromas of Fins Bois.


Fins Bois, Petite Champagne

Grape Varieties

100% Ugni Blanc


In Limousin oak casks for over 4 years