Longueteau Rhum 55


Type of rum

Agricole rum ; White (unaged) Rum. Agricole rum is fermented and distilled from pure, fresh cane juice.

Cane Varieties

Blend with 65% Red Cane (R.579) and 35% Blue Cane (B69-566)


7 months of maturation in stainless steel tank to allow the rum breathing and becoming full flavored. Water is added during that time to reduce the alcohol content down to 55%.

Tasting notes

Nose : notes of lime and sugar cane
Palate : slightly vegetal notes leading to the melt-in-the- mouth of the artichoke
Finale : with character and fine truffle notes

Key points

First white rhum agricole for tasting within the Longueteau range
Uniqueness and precision combined with the singularity of its truffle profile