Longueteau Amber Rhum


Type of rum

Agricole rum ; Gold.
Gold agricole rum has an amber color and is aged between 18 and 24 months, with absolutely no voluntary sweetening, no sugar other than natural sugar extracted from casks during aging because of their previous contents.

Cane Varieties

65% Red Cane (R.579) and 35% Blue Cane (B69-566)


Blend with 18-month aged rhums agricoles

Initial White Rum (before ageing) White rhum agricole, 8 months of maturation in stainless steel tank to allow the rum breathing and becoming full flavored.

18 months ageing in oak cask. (Water is added during that time to reduce the alcohol content down to 45%)

Tasting notes

Nose : slightly tangy, woody with a saline note

Palate : spicy, notes of caramelized brown sugar and cocoas & tonka beans
Finale : sweet and vanilla

Key points

• Aging in oak barrels: the interaction with the wood
is deeper in oak barrels than in oak tank

Aging in ex cognac cask brings sweetness with notes of tonka beans and cocoa beans

Excellent price-quality ratio